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'Asgardian Sky',the School of Mystic Arts, is about living a mystical lifestyle, we have been teaching people for over 20 years.
Why we live a mystical lifestyle, simply put we were born into this way, from our ancestors.
As a baby Janis was dedicated into a group where her Father's family were Spiritualist Mediums and this practice was a part of daily life, including numerology & other divination's.  She was named by numerology.

Finally finished the course after a long time in 'Medieval Magic' with the University of Barcelona-Spain, very challenging but rewarding.
Our aim is to continue publishing books with more knowledge & understanding of the magic side of our Ancestry.

Finally passed a course in 'The Medieval Icelandic Sagas' with the University of Iceland, very challenging but rewarding.
Our aim is to continue publishing books with more knowledge & understanding of the magical Viking/Norse side of our ancestry.

Amy Margaret Lenore Sanvig (her Father from Norway)
Janis's Great Grandmother born in 1891 - 1986 New Zealand

Janis's Father David Dudley Carleton born 1936 - 2007  An Aquarian, a practitioner of divination Private Investigator. He loved music , played violin like his Father & Grandfather & was a dancer.

Janis's Fathers Mother with her dog Gypsy -Elva Margaret (Carleton, nee Shields) (changed her name by deed poll to Faye...Fae) Born 1917 - 1997 A Cancerian, a practitioner of divination, taught me Tarot and palmistry. A  Highland Fling Dancer & extraordinary piano player & fashionable dressmaker a beautiful soul. My Grandfather, her husband Dudley Carleton passed away early at only 74 years old in about 1971.

Grandmother  Carleton's beautiful ring which was made for them on return to New Zealand.
In her fur coat she brought back diamonds & emerald from Africa on their world cruise back in the 1950's.
There were four of her rings(pearl, diamond, the emerald & can't remember the last one) which were promised to each of her grandchildren, Janis (I) always wanted the Emerald one, I never told anyone which one I liked, yet how is it that this is the one that I was given.  When she passed away (in New Zealand) my Father took it off her finger & posted it to me(Janis) in Australia.
Even more of a plot to this story, when the ring was posted to (me)Janis customs seized it & I couldn't receive the ring without declaring that it was an inheritance from my Grandmother who had not long passed!! My Father had just sent it in an ordinary envelope, so lucky to have it in my possession, let alone undamaged!

My Father's parents world trip reason was mainly to visit to Lancashire England to the family Manor to receive their inheritance.Our family name is from old Scandinavian Karl-tun with hundreds of years of history there.

Further back in Janis's family are the Viking mystical roots, which she still practices. 
There is one time when during a seance there were crystal glasses & chairs flying across the room.
The contact was through the use of a crystal glass turned upside down on the table and the people present would place their fingers on it with intention of contacting a particular or unknown spirit. One person would actually turn a 'pale white' when he had contacted a particular spirit and would speak in a strange voice.

Janis as a child in the family home in Mount Wellington New Zealand where the house was built over caves,an entity whom was seen on the top shelf in Janis's wardrobe by herself & her brother - a dwarf sized being ( like a Leprechaun) smoking a cigar visited.This was validated the next day, by an architect who came to inspect the house, stated that the house should of never been built there on top of caves & asked who smokes cigars? There was no one there that did. Money & hairbrushes would also disappear only to find later that day, but the money never returned.

Different to my cousins, & brother, I was a free spirit always.
For more about our family history check here - https://www.asgardiansky.com.au/news/article/104

Janis looked into charismatic churches where it appealed to her as this was a bit inline with her up bringing of contacting the dead,(seances etc. & healings) they practised healings & spoke in tongues (of an unknown language, in which Janis did manifest as well) & interpreted it within the large group. However manifesting it was, unfortunately control & power took over the positive. This was a path that lead right back to her roots..... supernatural childhood way of her Father's Norse - Scandinavian family.
Janis & Sam both looked into Islam with an outlook of taking part in the manifestation of the workings of the Middle Eastern mythology. Again control & power of the head members of the groups, we departed from them also. But again lesson learnt, back to the path of our ancestral roots. Oddly enough we always gain a large audience with our past & present experiences in the supernatural, even in the presence of the past groups we have attended. Our path is not with them, but most of those people will never deviate from the path they started as they need a leader & not question, which suits them just fine.
The charismatic churches were partly right but they.worship A god. We acknowledge that there are many gods. These places cause oppression where they want to control your every move, but we are glad for the experience as this is similar to what our ancestors went through with christian influence & control. The negative side when you decide to go back to your ancestral pathway, the groups try to instill FEAR by saying that really bad things happen & the members are not allowed to speak to you For instance in Islam we were told it wasn't good to have photos, music, dancing, keeping men & women separate & more , it really keeps people in their control for happiness. Ensuring this control with so many meetings per week.

Sam & Janis

Sam, Janis & our son, Aladdin

Our Stores:-
We began selling & teaching in 1997 at markets to the local witches and pagan communities.
2003 brought us to open a physical store where we sold our mystic wares & held classes in our 'Olde Mystic Shop', but due to an upstairs position, we closed it and continued our teaching online and in hired halls.

ABC Radio Interview
On Thursday, July 17, 2003 - ABC Radio: "Bundaberg’s School of Magic" Here is the story from ABC Radio Read it on the link at the end of this article:-

'The Olde Mystic Shoppe'

Bundaberg's school of magic

Reporter: Wayne Shearman and Lachie Campbell

Presenter: Wayne Shearman

Friday, 27 June  2003 

With just a wave of her wand - Janis Carleton, local witch and mystic arts teacher.

Kids all around the world wish they could attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, just like Harry Potter, but many people wouldn't know that Bundaberg is the home to it's own school of the mystic arts!

Janis Carleton and Sam Allen, have recently opened up a store which stocks all the sort of magical items that would make Harry Potter feel right at home, the only difference being that they have made and used these items for years!

There are robes fit for ever type of witch, wizard and warlock, along with magic wands of enchantment, made from different wood, crystals, and a healthy does of home-made magic.

But the unusual wears don't stop there.

If its a spell or potion that you are looking for then Janis can always provide!

For years the couple have been giving lessons in mystic arts and spirituality, ranging from American Indian culture, through to enchantments and spiritual healing.


Our Handmade Mystic Display 1999

This event was about about 1999

 A selection of our handmade items for sale at a market near Wallaville Qld.
Native American drums, shields, medicine wands  staffs, books of shadows, spell kits, handmade incenses, hand carved bone pendants, dragons blood oil , dream catchers, smudging kits & lots more.

In 2006 we were selling on our website & auction sites to the rest of the world.

Our eBay international customers, since 2006, extend from Australia, Canada, Cypress, Greece, Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, and the United States of America. 

We hope that you enjoy exploring our store, a place to find a very unique gift or treasure for your collection or for that special person in your life.

The beginning of our Gypsy Wagon Journey

Our Mobile Shop (Vardo, Gypsy Caravan or  Gypsy Wagon)
Oops we cut the roof off in this photo!
Well here you go everyone who has been waiting for a sneak preview of the Vardo / Gypsy Wagon before it is finished, it needs lots of art work & the porch brackets for the verandah etc but next time you will see the inside. We have made the Vardo from a trailer base & is completely wooden inside & outside, not to mention that it has a lift system which we designed also which is made with a lot of pulleys :) to collapse for economical travelling. We have a large curved set of steps also made of wood that sit at the front of the verandah.
Taken at night at Hervey Bay beach front  22 May 2014 Our first market in May  2014 at Nikenbah Hervey Bay  

Taken at night at the Hervey Bay beach front 22 April 2014            

Tuesday 1st July 2014
An update on our Vardo's progress, we added the porch brackets yesterday! These took awhile to make as they were carved on both inside & outside walls. Now to smooth the edges down & paint with violet, white & gold will be wonderful.
Five pointed star flower, representing a pentagram, one of the protection symbols in the mystic world

Wednesday 27th August 2014
Well our Vardo - Gypsy Wagon went through it's first  hail storm today, thank fully it was only small hail stones.

November 23rd 2014 
An afternoon by the beach after a hot day at the Koala Markets in Hervey Bay. Here's a few pictures of our artwork so far! Here is shown the artwork on the front wall in the maroon shade, we found this colour to be lost on the Forest Green walls , so have since changed it to white now, as you will see at the end of this post.

Our window seat with storage underneath the step between the top & bottom section of the walls need to have a finishing edge added.
Cupboards under the beds now finished, & base coat, later they will have artwork on the doors. The horses will have more gold enhancing...

The beds have safety sides, which both feature carved horses, the hand painting adding the finally touches will be completed soon.

Saturday, 27th December, 2014,
We have started to paint the Agapanthus, this flower & vinework  design is out of an old horse drawn wagon book from the mid 1800's. We printed the designs out which are approx. 1metre x 30cms & joined A4 sheets of paper together, then  pierced the holes ready to wipe over the paper with a dust to mark the outline, as we have approx. 36 panels to hand paint on the entire Vardo walls, so far we have the base colours done seven of them . There will be gold enamel finishing touches to them shortly.
 Hopefully within the next few weeks we will of started to make another Vardo , we have had many people who would like to buy our current Vardo & will be available for sale soon.

Thank you for visiting us & please come back soon for more updates on the making of our Vardo! now off to create some more artwork & we have plenty of that to do to cover the entire Vardo wall panels top & bottom with full length scrolling art.  Check back soon for the new photos for you all!

Our Vardo had to be painted in white as the green was attracting heat too much due to the dark colour. Unfortunately which ever wall the sun was on made it hot & when we have old books not so great a combination.
Here we have the vardo with the new body colour, we have started to redo the artwork, the gold scrolls. It is surprising just how cool the inside is now, much more comfortable.

A new addition to our Vardo April 2017

We built a Mollycroft to add to the top of our Vardo, much more breeze comes through now & great with the windows up there as we can open or close them while we have the pot belly stove going inside. Here the windows are shown when they are open, the chimney is on the right-hand side.

Camping at Jowarra Sunshine Coast Queensland.

Hervey Bay Queensland

Overnight stopover at Maryborough Queensland

Mary Poppins Festival Maryborough Queensland

Janis & Sampe Allen

July 8th 2014, 9:19pm

We love events like these!

Who went to the Mary Poppins festival in Maryborough, Qld
We were busy upcycling some parasols to take with us,.  This is our everyday dressing style, in the  Victorian/Edwardian Eras & usually it's in BLACK.

Well look at the outcome of our visit to the festival.

Great news we won the umbrella category costume at the Mary Poppins festival .

We were on  Seven News in the Grand Parade & Janis on the front page of the Chronicle with the actress Annie from saving Mr Banks due to winning the best umbrella, which we upcycled.

16th January 2015
Our train trip on an old steam train visiting Maryborough to Howard Qld when celebrating 150 years of rail.

Janis Sam & our son Aladdin

Our Horses
Janis on Pearsons Rahaal, one of our Magickal purebred Arabians about 4 years ago. Bitless bridle & bareback.

Wild Harry that became so trusting with us.

Gypsy our Welsh Hackney carriage pony.

Lucinda our little 9hh pony with a costume we made her, we taught her to lay down by holding her foot.

Rainbow our pretty little 8hh pony who also we taught &  loved to lay down for us on command.

Our son, Aladdin on his registered Welsh pony, 'Regal Knight Moonlight', about 2013

Thank you for visiting us & please come back soon for more updates.  Check back soon for the new photos for you all!