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Janis & Sampe Allen
April 5th 2016, 9:58pm
Updated January 10th 2022, 12:17pm

To all whom may visit our page of family history, we may not have all of the entries in correct order as this is a working progress and will be updated as time allows, thank you for your interest
.Janis's Family Ancestry:-
Grandmother's name on Mothers side Hilda, this name Hilda (pronounced Hil-də) is one of several female given names derived from the name Hild, formed from Old Norse hildr, meaning "battle". Hild, a Nordic-German Bellona, was a Valkyrie who conveyed fallen warriors to Valhalla. Warfare was often called Hild's Game. The name became rare in England during the later Middle Ages, but was revived in the 19th century. In Sweden it has been in use since the late 18th century, being a popular name throughout the 19th century. Hilde is a variant of Hilda. Another variation on Hild is Hildur.

Tracing the Sanvig Family:-
Grandmother's name on Father's side is Elva, this name has a meaning of Fairy or Elf / Elven. She changed her name by deed poll to Faye ( Faye is derived from Middle English faie meaning "fairy")Harriman later in life.
Elva's Parents
Marriage: 21 August 1907 -- New Zealand
Amy Margaret Lenore Sanvig

Married Name: Amy Margaret Lenor Shields
Birth: 8 February 1891 29 15 New Zealand
Death: 13 June 1986 ‎(Age 95)‎  New Zealand
John Arthur Shields
Birth: 1885 Woonona, New South Wales, Australia
Death: 24 August 1946 ‎(Age 61)‎ -- Maraetai, New Zealand
John Arthur Shields Father and Mother :-
Henry Shields and Elizabeth Pollard
between January and March 1880 -- Bradford, Yorkshire, England

Henry Shields
Given Names: Henry
Surname: SHEILS (?)
Birth: 1850 35 33 -- Bradford, Yorkshire, England
Death: 28 July 1929 ‎(Age 79)‎  Auckland, New Zealand
Census: 1881 176, Ingleby Street, Manningham, Bradford, Yorkshire 1
Emigration: 1883
Immigration: 12 MAR 1884 Sydney, Australia

Elizabeth Pollard
Birth: about 1852 Knaseboro, Yorkshire, England
Death: 3 January 1919 ‎(Age 67)‎  Auckland, New Zealand

Marshall name meaning:-  Marshall is an occupation name whose etymology is from the  Frankish are ("horse") + skalkoz ("servant"). It is most commonly found as a surname, but may also be used as a given name. It is also an old Scottish surname meaning 'Love of Horses'.
Germanic origin (compare Old High German marah ‘horse’, ‘mare’ + scalc ‘servant’)

Elizabeth MARSHALL
Given Name: Elizabeth
Surname: Marshall
Sex: F
Census: 2 APR 1871 152, Bolton Road, Bradford, Yorkshire 1
Birth: 1852 in Harrogate, Yorkshire
Note: 1871 census suggests born Harrogate whilst 1871 shows Knareboro (Knaresborough nr Harrogate): Query 1851 Q3 Vol: 23 Page 484 Knaresborough??
Occupation: Worsted Weaver 2 APR 1871 1
Census: 1881 176, Ingleby Street, Manningham, Bradford, Yorkshire 2
Occupation: Worsted Weaver 1881 2
Emigration: 1883
Death: 1919 in Auckland, New Zealand
Immigration: 12 MAR 1884 Sydney, Australia
Note: Ex "Warwick"

Father: John MARSHALL

Marriage 1 John POLLARD b: 1846 in North Lopham, Norfolk

    Married: 24 MAY 1871 in Bradford, Yorkshire 3

        The Parish Church Bradford - John Pollard, 24yrs, Bachelor, Carter, Residence Bradford, Father Michael Pollard, Labourer - Elizabeth Marshall, 21yrs, Spinster, Weaver, Residence Bradford, Father John Marshall, Farmer.
        Witnesses - William Holmes and Christopher Gibson.


    Has No Children George POLLARD b: 6 NOV 1877 in 29, Thornton Street, Bradford, Yorkshire

Marriage 2 Henry SHIELDS b: 1850 in Bradford, Yorkshire

    Married: 25 FEB 1880 in Bradford, Yorkshire 4
    Note: Parish Register Page 63 Entry 125:


    Has No Children William Henry SHIELDS b: 1880 in Bradford, Yorkshire
    Has No Children James SHIELDS b: 1881 in Bradford, Yorkshire
    Has No Children Warwickina SHIELDS b: 9 FEB 1884 in At Sea
    Has No Children John Arthur SHIELDS b: 1885 in Woonona, New South Wales, Australia

Henry Shields Father
Name: George SHIELDS
Given Name: George
Surname: Shields
Sex: M
Death: BEF 1880
Occupation: Iron Moulder 1880

Her mother's (Amy Margaret Lenore Sanvig) father was born in Norway, his name is Christian Julius Sanvig /Sanvik. Christian was born on 2nd August 1861 in  Tromsø, Troms, Norway, he passed away on the 15th of  December 1942 ‎(Age 81)‎ Age: 81 -- Auckland, New Zealand.

Christian Julius's Parents:-
Anne Christina Margarethe and Peter Sanvig

Marriage: 21 September 1856 -- Overhalla, Nord-Trøndelag, Norway
Information on Overhalla:-  http://www.wikiwand.com/en/Nord-Tr%C3%B8ndelag

Given Names: Anne Christina Margarethe
Married Name: Anne Christina Margarethe Sanvig
Given Names: Ane Christine Margrethe
Surname: Pedersdatter
Given Names: Anne Pedersdatter
Surname: LIE
Birth: August 1830 -- Namdalseid, Nord-Trøndelag, Norway
Death: 1910 ‎ New Zealand

Given Names: Peter P
Surname: Sanvig
Given Names: Peder Pedersen
Surname: Sanvig
Given Names: Peder Pedersen
Surname: Sanvig
Birth: 1824 -- Namsos, Nord-Trøndelag, Norway
Death: 1895 ‎(Age 71)‎ Age: 78 -- New Zealand
His Father - Peder Andersen - unknown details as of yet.

Great Grandmother on her Fathers Fathers  side
Florence Isabel Butler
Baptism: 1 Aug 1880 St Michael, Cockerham, Lancs.
Florence Isabel Butler - [Child] of William Butler & Elizabeth
    Abode: Cockerham
    Occupation: Inn Keeper
    Baptised by: Wm. Goss, Curate in Charge
    Register: Baptisms 1826 - 1893, Page 259, Entry 2067

William Butler
Born 1840 Cockerham , Lancashire,UK

Husband of Florence Isabel Carleton
John Walmsley Carleton
Birthdate:     circa October 4, 1881
Birthplace:     Morecambe, Lancashire, England, United Kingdom

Alice Carleton (Turner)
Birthdate:     circa 1854
Birthplace:     Accrington, Lancashire, England, United Kingdom
Daughter of Robert Turner and Margaret Turner
Wife of John Carleton
Mother of John Walmsley Carleton

Alice Turner's Parents

Margaret Turner and Robert Turner

Robert Turner
Birthdate:     circa 1829
Birthplace: Bentham, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Death:     (Date and location unknown)
Immediate Family:    
Husband of Margaret Turner
Father of Alice Carleton

Margaret Turner (Walmsley)
Birthdate:     circa February 28, 1830
Birthplace: Preston, Lancashire, England, United Kingdom
Death:     (Date and location unknown)
Immediate Family:    

Margaret Turner (Walmsley)
Daughter of Joseph Walmsley and Margaret Walmsley
Feb 28 1830 - Saint John, Preston, Lancashire, England
Joseph Walmsley, Margaret

Wife of Robert Turner
Mother of Alice Carleton
Margaret Turner

    1861 England & Wales Census
    Circa 1830 - Beston, Lancashire
    1861 - Crescemt, Poulton Le Sandy, Poulton Bare & Torrisholme, Lancashire, England
    Robert Turner
    Mary Ann Turner, Alice Turner, Margery Turner, Grace Turner

Margaret Turner

    1851 England & Wales Census
    Circa 1830 - Walton Le Dale, Lancashire, England
    1851 - Green Cloce, West Riding, County of York, Yorkshire - West Riding, England
    Robert Turner
    Margaret Turner

Elizabeth Butler (Porter)
Birthdate:     May 7, 1843
Birthplace:     Cockerham, Lancashire, England, United Kingdom
Death:     (Date and location unknown)
Daughter of william Porter and Sarah Porter
Wife of william Butler
Mother of Florence Isabel Carleton
Joseph Walmsley
Birthdate:     circa 1794
Husband of Margaret Walmsley
Father of Margaret Turner

Sarah Porter (Burrow)
Birthdate:     circa 1820
Birthplace:     Cockerham, Lancashire, England, United Kingdom
Daughter of William Burrow
Wife of william Porter
Mother of Elizabeth Butler

    1891 England & Wales Census
    Circa 1881 - Cockerham, Lancashire
    1891 - Manor Inn, Cockerham Street, Cockerham, Lancaster, England
    William Butler, Elizabeth Butler
Elizabeth Porter (b. 1843, d. 05 Jun 1902)
Elizabeth Porter was born 1843 in Cockerham, and died 05 Jun 1902 in Cockerham.She married William Butler on 26 Dec 1865 in St. Michael's, Cockerham, son of Robert Butler and Mary Downs.
More About Elizabeth Porter and William Butler:
Marriage: 26 Dec 1865, St. Michael's, Cockerham.
Children of Elizabeth Porter and William Butler are:

    Charles Porter Butler Butler, b. 1867, Cockerham, d. 31 Oct 1913, Cockerham.
    William Arthur Butler, b. 1869, Cockerham, d. 12 Sep 1901, Cockerham.
    Emily Edith Butler, b. 18 Aug 1870, Cockerham, d. 1899, Cockerham.
    Lilian Jane Butler, b. 1872, Cockerham, d. date unknown.
    Frederick James Butler, b. 1873, Cockerham, d. date unknown.
    Elizabeth Porter Butler, b. 1874, Cockerham, d. 22 Dec 1884, Cockerham.
    Walter Nelson Butler, b. 1877, Cockerham, d. date unknown.
    Frank Burrows Butler, b. 1878, Cockerham, d. date unknown.
    Maud Mary Butler, b. 1878, Cockerham, d. date unknown.
    Ernest Edward Butler, b. 1879, Cockerham, d. date unknown.
    Florence Isabel Butler, b. 1880, Cockerham, d. date unknown.
    Annie Septilia Butler, b. 09 Jan 1884, Cockerham, d. 28 Sep 1884, Cockerham.
    Sarah Butler, b. 1882, Cockerham, d. date unknown.
    Septimus Butler, b. 1883, Cockerham, d. date unknown.

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