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September 10th 2021, 8:02pm
Updated September 10th 2021, 8:25pm

Treasure hunted tapestries

Our collection of tapestries which we go treasure hunting for, eventually you will find these as Gypsy Wagon bags up for sale.
Can't wait to turn these tapestries into Memorial Art Doll bags.
We feature vintage & antique materials, such as tassels, lace & other, where available or we can print fabrics in the likeness your desired patterns where it is public domain.Thoughtfully & respectfully handmade in our enchanted Gypsy Wagon (Vardo) Studio.
Available soon.
Giving you a way to remember your family with  more than just a photo, a heirloom keepsake. These Memorial Art Dolls can be of present or past family, pets included.  Or perhaps a Memorial Art Doll of yourself, as a fairy, witch & more. Prices are varied between $120 & $300
Watch this page for weekly uploads.

18 x 20 inches

48 x 24 inches this is a huge tapestry.